Luxembourg Social Law : the basics

Deze opleiding wordt gegeven in het Engels.

This training is taught in English

Are you currently employing in Luxembourg or do you plan to do that? Don’t be mistaken by the similarities between the Belgian and Luxemburg labour legislations, as there are indeed some differences and pitfalls.

This training is a unique mix of theory and practice. A must for every personnel manager, HR- or payroll officer.

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  • You will be able to tap in to the correct legal framework and knowledge in order to employ personnel in Luxembourg with the necessary know-how. 
  • You will have a basic knowledge and understanding of labour law in Luxembourg.


  • HR- or Payroll-officers
  • HR-managers 
  • Anyone managing employees in Luxembourg with a need to answer their questions


Laws and regulations applicable to employers in Luxembourg

  • European directives and regulations
  • Labour law
  • Collective labour agreements
  • Internal regulations
  • Employment contracts and service agreements 


  • Long term and fixed term employment contracts
  • Contracts for temporary employees
  • Student contracts
  • Internships

Implementing the employment contract

  • Work duration
  • Part time employment
  • Holidays and special leaves

Terminating the employment contract

  • Trial period
  • Resignation and dismissal

Posting of workers in Luxembourg

  • Legal framework
  • Employer obligations

From gross to net salary

  • Step 1 : the elements of the remuneration (basic salary, premiums and supplements, benefits in kind and in cash)
  • Step 2 : the social contributions (healthcare, pension fund, care insurance)
  • Step 3 : withholding taxation
    • The tax abatements
    • Taxation : tax classes, tax card, tax brackets

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