Excel Experience Day 2019

Boost your Excel knowledge in one day!

  • Are you novice, ad hoc or frequent Excel user?
  • Do you sometimes loose valuable time searching for the optimal solution for your Excel problem or question?
  • Do you often ask for a colleague to help you out?
  • Or do finally you look for the solution at the 'Help' button after yet another 'trial and error' message?

The Excel Experience Day is the annual place-to-be for the ad hoc, frequent and experienced Excel users and beginners alike. This congress has become a real byword in Belgium. In recent years, no fewer than 3 590 enthusiastic Excel users have boosted their Excel knowledge during the Excel Experience Days organised by Kluwer Training.

Be sure not to miss this unique opportunity!


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Learning by doing

During the Excel Experience Day, you don’t just look on from the sidelines. The message is: learning by doing

Interactive sessions on the computer
As a participant in the Excel Experience Day, you can use a laptop with MS Excel 2016 (English language version). You don’t have to bring your own material. We provide a laptop for every participant. During all the workshops, you resolve concrete cases with expert assistance and you have the chance to practise in ‘real time’.

Which Excel version?
All sessions are given exclusively in Excel 2016, English-language version. Do you work with an older version of Excel? If so, contact us first and we will be happy to advise you.

No fewer than 12 parallel sessions at every level
You have the choice between three possible workshops per session. To make it easier for you to make your choice, we use the following classification for the workshop levels: basic, intermediate and expert. The Excel Experience Day can therefore provide the ultimate training mix. Ensuring the best possible learning outcome.

Plug in your USB stick at home or at work!
There you will find all the presentations and cases. Ideal to relive the Excel Experience Day at home or at the office. And to practise to your heart’s content.


Veel bijgeleerd, uitstekende lesgevers leuke en verzorgde locatie, topdag! Britt Van Looveren Bedrijfscontroleur – interne auditor BelOrta
Ik vond het echt heel interessant, ik heb veel bijgeleerd, ik vind het super dat wij al deze opleidingen op een stick krijgen. Dat is echt een heel sterk punt. Ik ga volgend jaar zeker terug komen!!! Christina Lemos Ildefonso Payroll specialist Philips NV
Sterkste punt van elke sessie is het vertrekken van een basis om zo stap per stap naar het resultaat te werken. Tips and trics werden ook gegeven. Wim Franceus IT ACV bouw – industrie & energie