Tax & Legal

When you employ people you will in any case have to deal with legal questions regarding social and fiscal matters. And sooner or later you will also have to take account of international employment.

SD Worx advises and supports you when setting up and optimising the social and fiscal foundation for your employment at home and abroad.

You can rely on us for research, consultancy, outsourcing, training and automated solutions. Depending on the situation, we also give advice by telephone and we make calculations and simulations for you.

From the cohesion that our consultants see between all the HR processes, they offer pragmatic answers that take into account all the socio-legal and fiscal challenges, which are flexible, immediately applicable and modular.


Create a socio-legal foundation for employing your staff, in line with the legislation.

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HR Tax

Organise the fiscal aspects of your employment as favourably as possible for your organisation and your employees, in line with the legislation.

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International employment

Sooner or later every company will have to deal with international employment. Ensure that you have a solid socio-legal and fiscal foundation.

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