That is why I am opting for SD Worx Technology Services

Extensive range of services

With SD Worx you only need one partner to automate your HR processes. Being a true ‘one stop shop’ we can study all aspects of your project in detail. We implement your new IT system, guarantee quality assurance, handle project management and maintenance, etc. As a trusted partner we deal with all your concerns on your behalf. To leave you free to focus on other things. Useful and efficient.

Combined IT and HR expertise

SD Worx Technology Services provide much more than mere IT tools for your HR staff. Our solutions are the result of a successful combination of IT know-how, practical HR expertise and the necessary social/legal support. We linked the sound technology provided by our software partners to our best practice know-how of HR services.

The result? Out total solutions not only excel technically, they are also completely geared to the daily challenges you face as the HR decision maker.

Professional project management

SD Worx guarantees the seamless and efficient implementation of your IT project. We always manage our projects on the basis of a compact methodology, founded on the internationally recognised PMI and Prince2 standards and adapted to the specific HR environment. This methodology can easily be tailored to a project approach in line with your requirements.

Your project is, therefore, perfectly managed on the basis of an unequivocal planning and specific milestones. You know what’s ahead at all times. The scope, budget and quality of your project are strictly defined and monitored. You know what SD Worx will deliver, what you need to invest and what the quality and acceptance criteria are at all times.

Quality Assurance

SD Worx guarantees the quality of your IT project - it is the task of our Quality Assurance team.

As an independent, neutral third party, this team of expert consultants monitors the quality of the SD Worx implementation and development project we manage on your behalf. They also issue recommendations for the optimisation of your processes on the basis of periodic or ad-hoc audits of all systems and processes (from input to delivery) within your software package(s): SAP, Microsoft Dynamics AX, or Oracle/Peoplesoft. You are provided with practical and immediately applicable advice. Quality assurance.