• Standardisation of staff management systems after merger of GZA residential care centres


    The merger of the residential care centres under the umbrella of GasthuisZusters Antwerpen (GZA) and Goudblomme non-profit organisation required the staff management systems to be streamlined. By analogy with GZA’s hospitals and residential care centres, Goudblomme made a smooth-paced switch from SPRINT to X-Tend, under the able supervision of SD Worx.

  • AG Insurance assured of flawless payroll process


    In order to put in place better quality and more efficient payroll calculations via SAP, Belgian insurance market leader AG Insurance launched a call for tenders. Candidates were also required to tender a full service package as payroll processing organisations for AG Insurance and a number of smaller companies belonging to the Ageas Group. SD Worx was awarded the contract.

  • Media Markt


    Media Markt payroll on the right track with SAP