• CHU Dinant Godinne zooms in on staff commmitment


    Following an extensive merger, the teaching hospital Centre Hospitalier Universitaire (CHU) Dinant-Godinne was about to embark on a major strategic process. In order to do so, the university hospital needed a set of HR values in which all employees would feel included. A new management approach was also necessary. As this had to rest on a solid foundation, SD Worx conducted a commmitment survey of all the 2,700+ employees.

  • “We picked up valuable insights from the commitment survey.”


    Family business Garages Kent sells, leases and services trucks, trailers and vans, and employs close to 100 people. The commitment survey from SD Worx told them what was happening in the workplace.

  • How to make a committed team a satisfied team: Innoviris found out


    In September 2014, Innoviris, the Brussels Organisation for Research and Innovation, organised a satisfaction survey of its 38 employees. The organisation called on SD Worx for a comprehensive, objective review.

  • Flex Income Plan raises Ctg's appeal Ctg as an employer


    Pay system flexibilisation is hardly uncharted territory to IT consultancy company Ctg. Since the 1990s, the company has had a cafeteria plan in place for the group insurance plan, covering hospitalisation, disability, death and supplementary retirement pension. However, ambitions have since gone well beyond this, as demand for flexible remuneration among staff and job applicants turned out to be considerable. The one thing to stand in the way was the social-legal labyrinth. “That's until we went to speak to SD Worx, that is”, says Ferdi Claes. “As our HR partner they've got the most elaborate and foolproof flexible reward solution from a social-legal perspective.”

  • “There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution, that’s why everyone can choose”


    Mobile employees are more content employees. That is the experience of network administrator Elia in its efforts to keep its 1,200 employees in Belgium moving around as quickly as possible. Elia is now considered a role model in the area of mobility. This year, the company won the Green Fleet & Mobility Award, further confirming that reputation.

    Valérie Legat and Marie van den Hove

  • Increased mobility, at no extra cost


    Imagine developing mobility schemes for companies and government departments, and then not offering all the possible transport solutions internally! Our credibility would take a beating. However, we didn’t set up our mobility policy for the sake of our good name, but mainly to support our employees and also to reduce our environmental footprint.

    Hilde Janssens, HR & Organization Director

  • Plenty of flexibility in the mobility plan of Mobistar


    ’Mobile’ is the keyword at telecom operator Mobistar, and it also applies to their employees. Ten years ago, we set up a mobility plan for them. At that time it was mainly about encouraging carpooling and the use of public transport. Since then, the possibilities to reduce the burden of traffic on our roads have increased significantly.

    Karel Boussu, Hospitality Manager at Mobistar

  • Santander effects win-win with share option plan


    With over 12.5 million clients, Santander Consumer Finance ranks as the European market leader in consumer finance. The Belgian subsidiary allows around one hundred of its employees to choose whether to have their performance bonus paid in the form of share options.

  • Flexible remuneration policy raises Capgemini’s appeal


    SD Worx’ Flex Income PlanTM offers employees individual freedom of choice and raises our appeal to new applicants. At the same time, the entire operation remains budget neutral. Plenty of reasons for Capgemini to go down the flexible remuneration route.

  • Renewed drive for Eltec further to strategic exercise


    Genk-based family business Eltec System specialises in the repair, maintenance and sales of electrical engineering products and systems. In order to help steer the radical refocusing of the company’s internal structure and strategy, they decided to call on SD Worx.

  • Mobility plan at Brussels Airport Company


    “Our employees are sick and tired of traffic queues and are clamouring for a mobility plan.”

    Alain Vandenplas, BAC Mobility & Intermodality Manager

  • Sustainable mobility at Electrabel


    Four years ago, Electrabel moved its head office into the GDF SUEZ Tower. Located a stone's throw away from Brussels North railway station, which means it is easily accessible by public transport, but with significantly fewer parking spaces than before. To us, this was the perfect time to encourage staff to go for sustainable mobility.

    Griet Heyvaert, Electrabel Public Affairs & External Relations Manager

  • Re-Vive


    SD Worx puts HR strategy of Re-Vive on a sustainable course.