That is why I am opting for SD Worx Consulting


The outsourcing of personnel processes to a third party justifiably demands quality assurance. It goes without saying that SD Worx will provide this. And more:

  • Our employees are experts with access to all the right tools to guarantee that you receive an optimum service package. We impose stringent selection criteria, provide intensive training and continually organise ongoing training.
  • You are supported by a dynamic and dedicated team, chosen to meet your specific requirements. All our consultants have a proactive approach and promote successful communication. They have permanent back-up to ensure that someone is at hand to help you at all times. Your team can always call upon the services of fellow experts at SD Worx, which means that you have access to a huge back-office with expertise in all aspects of HR.
  • SD Worx continually executes client surveys, on the basis of which our services are updated.
  • Our phased project approach has proven itself time and again. Some of the strong points that make all the difference:

    • SD Worx regularly organises steering group meetings to keep your project on the right track.
    • You receive clear, standardized reports based on SLAs and KPIs.
    • We log all issues, monitor completion times and adjust wherever necessary.
    • In the event of problems a carefully defined recovery plan will safeguard the continuity of your HR services.

Partner with the appropriate competencies

SD Worx has developed its own specific approach, which has made us an outsourcing partner par excellence.

  • Delivery: we manage your day to day operational requirements with ease.
    • We respond to your queries and your organisation’s requirements on a daily basis.
    • Our operations focus on cost efficiency, flexibility and quality.
  • Relationship: our services are geared to your changing requirements and objectives.
    • We develop a long term personal relationship with your organisation and employees.
    • We draw up agreements recorded in unequivocal contracts.
    • We aim to create a win-win situation. 
  • Transformation: our aim is the continual improvement of your HR organisation.
    • Together with you, we seek new solutions and techniques.
    • We tailor our solutions to your specific challenges.
    • If we identify weaknesses in your HR organisation (people, systems, processes, …) we propose specific solutions to tackle the problem.