Why outsourcing?


93% of organisations regard sustainability of services as the defining factor for the success of an HR outsourcing project

Sustainability manifests itself in two ways:
  • Staffing continuity: your outsourcing partner has an extensive team of experts, enabling him to select the right people for you and to maintain a consistently high level of service at all times.
  • HR policy continuity: a smart outsourcing partner looks beyond organisation results. His outsourcing projects take into account the interests of all stakeholders. And he anticipates future (labour market) challenges (future readiness). This way your HR strategy is supported internally and also delivers longer term results.

Your outsourcing partner focuses on continual innovation

  • Technical innovation is the most visible aspect and is used in BPO projects to introduce structure and automation. Where possible, HR processes are redefined and automated in order to achieve optimum implementation. Typical examples include employee and manager self-service-systems.
  • Social innovation relates to the organisation and management of the talent within your HR department. Once your HR processes have been redesigned, your outsourcing partner will define the ideal locations for his personnel within your new structure. They will take on the role most closely matched to their talent and thus ensure that your organisation gets maximum support. For example, the division between front and back office.
In brief, choosing BPO means opting for innovation. And that will enhance the performance of your HR department.

Our expertise, your strength

You will no doubt agree that a sound personnel policy contributes to sustainable operating results. But setting it up requires specific expertise. After all, the processes managed by your HR department are of a strategic nature. Rapidly changing legislation also requires insight and monitoring.

You will enhance the expertise of your HR department by outsourcing specific processes and tasks to a specialist partner. Clear advice and carefully considered support are always at hand and there is no need to recruit additional personnel.

Outsourcing? You really have nothing to lose, except unnecessary expense!

Cost savings are only sixth in line as a driver for HR outsourcing. A lower TCO (total cost of ownership) is nevertheless what finally convinces many organisations.

Quite rightly so. You achieve cost savings by outsourcing all or part of your HR tasks to an external partner. Economies of scale and expertise provided by committed employees guarantee a cost efficient approach.

Employees can focus on key tasks, as a result of which your own department will become much more efficient. You might even be able to reduce the head count in your HR department?

Managing it yourself isn’t necessarily a better option

Reliable HR services for your organisation’s employees? No doubt you, as the decision maker, consider this a matter of honour. It is your contribution to a secure, agreeable working environment. Your organisation also reaps the rewards. Contented employees are committed employees. And dedicated employees produce better results.

By outsourcing your HR processes you receive support from a specialist partner, with the necessary in-house experience, know-how and talent to raise your service to an even higher level, retaining due respect for your employees’ needs and the culture within your organisation.

Moreover, your HR personnel will save precious time, which will enable them to focus on their strategic projects. They can translate the business strategy into HR processes, support line management or supervise changes. This will increase the impact your HR department has on the organisation and operating results. That represents quality too.