SD Worx Business Process Outsourcing: the ultimate solution

Outsource HR processes? As the largest HR consultancy in Belgium, SD Worx is best placed to provide you with appropriate support. Our BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) package is tailored entirely to the requirements of your organisation. SD Worx can take on all, or part of, your essential HR processes – you decide to what extent. How do you benefit? With support from SD Worx your HR department becomes a strategic partner and raises the bar in your company or organisation.

Our BPO solutions

  • Payroll BPO

    Payroll BPO offers a sustainable solution, in various formats, to organisations ready to outsource their payroll and personnel administration to experts.

  • Full HR BPO

    Do you want your HR organisation to concentrate on its core business? Do you want to deploy your employees more strategically? Do you want to improve your HR processes and make them more sustainable to ensure successful long term results? You can achieve all this by outsourcing tasks and processes to SD Worx Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). You decide which processes to outsource, we take on responsibility for them on your behalf. SD Worx optimises the process and guarantees your targeted result.

  • On site payroll for major organisations

    Our payroll experts can be deployed in your personnel department, on both a temporary and/or structural basis, to provide personnel administration support.