High workload in personnel? SD Worx provides a helping hand

Catherine is odd jobbing in a clothes shop to pay for her psychology studies but actually loves student parties best. After 14 years ‘on the shop floor’ in a DIY store Marc has progressed to branch manager, although he does not exactly have leadership qualifications. As Expansion Manager for an American fashion retailer, Peter is set to open a first shop in Belgium.

Even though the retail sector is highly diverse the associated personnel challenges are very similar. Absenteeism is prevalent, those in charge do not always have management experience and labour turnover is often high. This is a challenging combination faced by your HR department. How do you promote a long term relationship with employees who are ready to put their best foot forward?

SD Worx would be pleased to be of assistance. We have an in-depth knowledge of your sector and can provide optimum support, in your payroll processes and at a social/legal level (Tax & Legal). We can also help you strategically fine tune your global personnel policy (HR).

Glad to know you (quite well)

The added value of SD Worx for the retail sector? Concise and to the point: we know you. 
  • As a market leader we collate a large amount of specific data on key HR processes in the retail sector. This information enables us to gear our products and services to your requirements and you have access to extensive strategic benchmark information. 
  • We speak your language because we know what is going on in the retail sector. You receive practical solutions in line with the day to day operation of your shop(s). We don’t necessarily help you strengthen your ‘leadership’. We teach your shop managers how to improve their employee management skills. 
  • Strength in numbers works to your advantage. Because our employees support a wide range of different retail clients, they have built up extensive know how and experience. You are supported not only by a fixed contact, but also by experts in payroll, Tax & Legal and HR matters.