SD Worx invests in Unbox

6 September 2017

The company Unbox was founded last year in September by BNP Paribas Fortis, USG People and Brandhome group. The mission of Unbox is to align work with a changing society. The company aims to close the growing gap between ‘people with work, but no time’ and ‘people with time, but no work’ by personalising training and development, recruitment and selection, and new reward models. In doing so, Unbox contributes to the contemporary challenges of digitisation and workflow automation, longer careers, sustainable mobility, lifelong learning... By becoming the fourth shareholder, SD Worx invests in HR innovation.

Bert Van Rompaey, chairman of the board of Unbox: “Each of the partners in Unbox, with their know-how and competencies, are specialists in their domain, learning from each other and thereby strengthening the offer. SD Worx is the link that was still missing. They bring a great deal of expertise. Their contribution, combined with the expertise already present at Unbox, will generate new opportunities.”

Steven Van Hoorebeke, ceo of SD Worx Group: “We have noticed that the relationship between employer and employee is becoming more individualised. The employee as an individual is being taken increasingly into account. Just look at work that is independent of time and place, flexible wages, the opportunity to save up vacation, career guidance, training, and other things. In addition, more and more companies are focusing on their core tasks. IT and even HR are being outsourced more frequently. Unbox responds to both trends by offering a one-stop-shop. Customers have a single point of contact for their HR questions. This is certainly quite prevalent in the top segment, which is why we also believe very strongly in this concept.” 

Steven Van Hoorebeke will join the board of directors at Unbox, chaired by Bert Van Rompaey (CHRO BNP Paribas Fortis), alongside current members Christophe Petit (Country Director USG People), Erik Saelens (CEO Brandhome group) and secretary of the board Lewis Carrafiello. Roeland Van Dessel will join the board in the near future as an independent director.