SD Worx extends board of directors

4 January 2016

HR services provider SD Worx has extended its board of directors with three new members: Michel Delbaere, Jan Van Acoleyen and Koen Van Gerven. The three new directors have much experience in management and are entirely at home in the HR world. Their appointment fits within the local and international growth strategy of SD Worx.

Michel Delbaere is the founder and managing director of Crop’s NV. Michel was appointed chairman of Voka in 2012. He held that position until 2015. Michel Delbaere also has seats on various other corporate boards.

Jan Van Acoleyen has been Chief HR Officer at Barco since January 2007. Prior to that he held Human Resources positions in various companies.

Koen Van Gerven has been CEO at bpost since February 2014. He has a long and varied management career behind him. Before joining bpost he had also been CEO of a social secretariat for six years.

Consolidating growth

“I am very pleased that Michel Delbaere, Jan Van Acoleyen and Koen Van Gerven have accepted their appointment to the board of directors at SD Worx. This ensures that we have the presence of the required complementary knowledge and experience from a range of domains that are relevant to SD Worx. Their appointment confirms the ambition of SD Worx to remain the biggest HR services provider in Belgium, to further strengthen our place in Europe and also to increase our activities outside of Europe as well”, says Filip Dierckx.
The arrival of the three newcomers brings the number of members on the board of directors to ten: Filip Dierckx (chairman), Marc Binnemans, Dirk Collier, Michel Delbaere, Riet Docx, Patrick De Vos, Jan Van Acoleyen, Frederik Van Bladel, Koen Van Gerven and Steven Van Hoorebeke.