Steven Van Hoorebeke is the new CEO of SD Worx

6 November 2012

Jan van den Nieuwenhuijzen will resign his position as executive director of SD Worx on 31 December 2012. Over the course of 28 years, he built up the organisation into a leading HR services provider,the number one in Belgium and growing strongly in Europe. Steven Van Hoorebeke will become the new CEO. His task is to expand the unique model of SD Worx further, both in Belgium and in the company's European activities. A recent study by the independent research bureau Gartner has recently shown that the ambition to become one of the top three in Europe is realistic. In their worldwide study of the market for Payroll BPO Services (salary administration), SD Worx is already coming to the fore as the main challenger to the three largest global players.

Farewell to a socially engaged entrepreneur and business icon

Jan van den Nieuwenhuijzen (born 24 March 1952) started his career in 1976 as a government employee. His relationship with SD Worx began in 1985, as the director of what was then still a non-profit organisation called Sociale Dienst VEV (300 staff, turnover € 5.6 million). He initiated the diversification of SD Worx in 1991 by adding training and consultancy to the services on offer. Since 1999, Jan van den Nieuwenhuijzen has been the executive director of the SD Worx Group, an HR services provider that now has 2,000 staff and 50,000 customers (turnover € 234 million) in the private and public sectors, from SMEs to very large organisations, both national and international. From 2003 onwards, Jan van den Nieuwenhuijzen was one of the driving forces behind the geographical expansion to Luxembourg, the Netherlands (2006), France (2007) and Germany (2008).

Jan van den Nieuwenhuijzen can look back on more than just a successful career at SD Worx. He also led the organisation as it developed its own distinctive DNA: solid management, sustainable cost-effectiveness and corporate social responsibility (CSR) are the cornerstones for SD Worx. Because he is convinced that part of the welfare that SD Worx generates as a company derives from the environment in which it operates, Jan van den Nieuwenhuijzen always made a conscious choice to support structural social projects, not only as an organisation, but also through the staff, who also come up with a large number of initiatives.

Jan van den Nieuwenhuijzen is known to be a creative, enterprising company manager. He is now closing the book on his time with SD Worx, and wants to concentrate further on projects in the socio-cultural sector in 2013.

Steven Van Hoorebeke is the new CEO

The Executive Board of SD Worx is appointing Steven Van Hoorebeke as the new CEO of the SD Worx Group. Steven Van Hoorebeke (born 13 August 1957) was trained as a civil engineer and is currently general manager of the international division of SD Worx. He has held a variety of functions with responsibility for Belgium and Luxembourg for Oracle, Logica and Fujitsu.
The Executive Board is convinced that Steven Van Hoorebeke is the right person to help all the staff of SD Worx realise the company's key ambitions.

Steven Van Hoorebeke, the new CEO of SD Worx, says, “Over recent years, we've made major efforts in two areas. The first is further expansion, strengthening and professionalisation of the services we offer in Belgium.

The second is our international presence, for which we are linking our own
local services in Belgium, Germany, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands to cross-border solutions in 27 European countries, cooperating with our partners in the Payroll Services Alliance. If we keep expanding these two key areas, we can genuinely look at becoming one of the top three in Europe.”

SD Worx he is already the main challenger to the global players

A recent global study (summer 2012) by the research and consultancy bureau Gartner, in which they analysed the market for payroll services providers, has recently shown that this ambition is realistic. In their study, Gartner predicted global annual growth of 3.3 % through to 2015. Factors are the increasing legal complexity and globalisation of the economy, which make it almost impossible for companies to do their own salary administration.

When looking at the market players, Gartner stated that SD Worx was currently the main international challenger to the three largest global players.

Steven Van Hoorebeke says, “It's always good to hear that, of course. SD Worx has its home base in Belgium, where it has been the undisputed market leader for years, thanks to an extensive range of payroll, tax & legal and HR services. This approach is pretty much unique by international standards. Therefore we are convinced that this model can help Belgium become the flagship for expanding our market position in Europe.”