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This two-day course will provide you with a very practical basic knowledge of the fiscal aspects of wages which you will be dealing with on a daily basis at work.
Following this course:
  • The basics of withholding taxes will hold no more secrets for you
  • You will be able to calculate a complete payslip from gross to net
  • You will have an overview of benefits in kind, reimbursement of expenses, social benefits, etc.

Target group

This practical course is aimed at anyone who:
  • Wants to gain an understanding of the effective wage calculation in the widest sense
  • Receives questions from employees concerning payslips
  • Wishes to understand the gross-net calculations concerning the wage in all its components
  • Wishes to know which part of the wage goes on taxes and social security, and why


Day 1

  • Discussion of the complete gross-net payslip for employees, including social security, withholding taxes, benefits in kind and everything that can change the effective net wage, such as concessionary travel, special social security contribution, wage attachment, advances, etc.
  • Discussion of the tax forms 281.10
  • Calculation of social security contributions (for employees and employers)
  • Calculation of the withholding tax on wages and regular reimbursements
  • Impact of the family situation on the withholding tax and calculation of the special contribution
  • Concept of ‘dependents’: how do you check this as an employer?
  • What does this mean for the net wage?
  • Other variables that influence withholding taxes
  • Reimbursement of home-work travel expenses in the wage administration
  • What is the situation as regards taxability?
  • Where do those reimbursements appear on the payslip?
  • What is the situation as regards income tax refunds?
  • Gross-net calculation of special payments (year-end bonuses, compensation in lieu of notice, arrears, etc.)

Day 2

  • Exercises: you will calculate the payslip of various fictional employees independently
  • Finally, you will perform a total exercise in which you will make the manual calculation of a complete working year, taking account of a complete package of changes in the areas of remuneration and family situation
  • Summary overview of benefits in kind, refund of expenses (costs borne by the employer),social benefits, tax-free benefits
  • Position in the payslip of e.g. mobile phone, company car, PC, meal vouchers, eco cheques, hospitalisation insurance, group insurance.

Tip: Don’t forget your calculator!


€ 1395 Customers:
€ 1495