HR Analytics

Insight into your human capital

Efficacious HR policy decisions are based on facts, which avoids unpleasant surprises. Yet, in practice, we find that a lot of decisions are based on assumptions, all the more so as the use and interpretation of data requires relevant expertise: the right configuration of indicators, proper interpretation and well-considered anticipation. SD Worx helps organisations put their data to optimum use as a sound basis for HR policy decisions that make a difference to your organisation. HR analytics are gaining importance: due to the increased impact of HR on businesses, because of advanced technologies and new data science insights and due to the growing focus on (scarce) talent as a driving force in your organisation.

Our solutions

Every organisation sits on a goldmine of useful data that can be operationalised as a foundation for well-thought-out HR policy decisions. Managing and modifying policies based on HR analytics occurs at three levels.

Managing and modifying policies based on HR analytics

3 ways to analyse data:

Our approach

Whether you require insightful reports via an easy-to-use dashboard, extensive analysis and interpretation of data, or predictive analyses – we will guide you through your options. You choose. We can provide you with:

  • quick, cost-conscious and insightful reports or analyses;
  • transparent and practical insights, while we deal with the complexity of matters;
  • strong visual presentations that are easy to understand, yet innovative;
  • a dedicated team of internal and external experts;
  • action-driven reports and analyses;
  • optimum use of available data that is potentially important. For instance, are you registered yet with a payroll services company? Then there will be little left for you to prepare;
  • data when only a limited amount of information is available, to be collected through research or interviews;
  • legal advice on privacy issues, anonymity guarantees, liability for decisions based on data (e.g. dismissal due to high absence records)… if desired.

Results for your organisation

  • You get to take well-founded HR policy decisions, based on facts from your data.
  • You get a sparring partner and a soundboard in how to use data.
  • You decide yourself at which level you wish to use HR analytics to give shape to your current and/or future policy.
  • You are spared the complexity of data analysis and start off with pragmatic and clear insights right away.
  • You will find yourself increasing the impact of your human capital on the organisation through purposive actions underpinned by figures.